March 26, 2010

Air Pacific to face stiff competition from Qantas's Jet Star beginning Monday

When entities start displaying hints of a staff exodus you know there's trouble. Air Pacific is still on the hunt for a new chief and their recent re-branding exercise is a clear signal of their attempt to increase their market share.

However even travel pundits have predicted a mess where air travel and routes to and from Fiji is concerned.

The recent MoU between our national carrier and the military infested police force is not going to do tourism any favours.

Meanwhile the military regime's tourism cheerleader, Patrick Wong, does what he does best and pretends that all's just dandy.

Sure, YES, we may have more tourists arriving from Australia with Jet Star's set up however the class of tourist and the type of holiday they will be seek will correlate to the fact that they are arriving on a low-cost carrier. Therefore that may mean that some of the current facilities we have to offer, may not exactly match their holiday needs.

Again Wong's rah-rah-rahing assumes of course that our national carrier can:
(a) get their regular logistical stuff-ups sorted ASAP and
(b) can continue to offer competitive fares AND full flights without the benefit of a Qantas code-share partnership.

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