March 05, 2010

UN Agency Lauds Military Regime Decree

Radio NZ news yesterday highlighted a UN Agency -- UNAIDS -- complementing the treasonous military regime and their illegal law that decriminalises homosexuality.

We state again for the record that Intelligentsiya has no beef with Gay, Lesbian Bisexual and Transexual rights and their attempts to be viewed, accepted and respected as fellow human beings BUT that the now dead Constitution that the military regime are trying to bury, more then amply protected their rights.

Furthermore it is totally inappropriate for any UN Agency that is founded on principles of fundamental human rights to be commenting let alone supportive of domestic policies that are in itself a direct contravention of basic human rights and democracy.

We note that it is not the first time that Messrs Stuart Watson of UNAIDS has overstepped his mark as a supposedly apolitical and independent official of a UN Agency, and it is timely now that the UN Headquarters in NY is made aware of his inappropriate dabbling. 

It is especially appropriate for citizens and member states to make their concerns known.
UN group welcomes Fiji decree to decriminalise homosexuality
Posted at 23:23 on 02 March, 2010 UTC

A United Nations group supports Fiji’s move to recognise the gay community by introducing a decree to decriminalise homosexuality.

The Pacific Coordinator of UNAIDS, Stuart Watson, says in dealing with HIV Aids and other sexually transmitted infections, it is a huge step forward to be able to approach all communities with education programmes and resources.

He says while the gay community in Fiji is small, this decree helps.

We’d just like to compliment Fiji on taking a really very bold step. The crimes decree removing sodomy and decriminalising homosexuality makes Fiji a first in the Pacific. And it certainly is a huge step forward in achieving a rights respecting legal framework for men who have sex with men and for really the entire community so we compliment the government in taking a very bold and controversial step.”

Stuart Watson of UNAIDS.

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