January 14, 2011

Air Pacific to crush locals in favour of expats

As leaked earlier, Air Pacific -- our national airline and pride of our skies -- has elected, upon the advice of the expat CEO, David Pflieger, to bring in expensive consultants while the threat of livelihoods and the inability to put food on the table are a screaming reality for 100 (or more) local employees.

The justification is gushingly applauded by the illegal and treasonous Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum as worth its weight in gold, because "they have saved millions of dollars" ALREADY, yet they are quite happy to let the local citizens & taxpayers (who actually pay for the entity ie Qantas's equity is 46.05% while "the Fiji Government" holds majority shares of 51%)  get shafted.

Khaiyum's lame inability to disclose the amount of savings fearing information leaks to competitors reeks of more dishonesty. The reality is probably more along the lines that the savings are PROJECTED and not yet REALIZED. And our primary competitor already owns significant equity in the airline anyway.

All of Khaiyum's grandstanding about Air Pac's problems and what they are facing is not new news. The previous CEO had very plainly broken down all these issues well before he left.

Despite this, Khaiyum ignorantly gurgles about a "holistic approach" hinting that the extent of his empire building in the lucrative aviation sector would not leave our gateway airport management unscathed. There could be another revival of his grand idea to outsource the airport to Dubai.

Furthermore, this kow-towing by Khaiyum to expats is an amusingly complete about-turn for one who at the drop of the hat will trigger the "neocolonialism whinge" when it's convenient.
Expats save millions
Felix Chaudhary
Friday, January 14, 2011

EXPATRIATE consultants have saved Air Pacific millions of dollars since taking up senior positions with the national airline.

Attorney-General and Minister for Civil Aviation Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum was not at liberty to discuss or disclose how the savings were brought about as the information could be used by rivals to hurt the airline.

"I applaud the decision by David Pflieger to bring in these consultants. They have proven their worth and effectively saved the company and subsequently, the country, millions of dollars," he said.

"I can't divulge how the savings were brought about or in which areas for obvious reasons.

"Publication of this type of sensitive information could be used by rivals to attack the airline."

According to Mr Sayed-Khaiyum, along with huge savings, the expats had helped identify areas where improvements could be made to further enhance operations for the national carrier.

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