January 17, 2011

Fijian Holdings Exec takes the fall for Wairiki Mill delay

Last Thursday the illegal and treasonous Bainimarama was touring the Northern division.

Whilst touring the pine chip mill in Wairiki, media reports made clear that he was not pleased with the delays.

The contractors in turn put the blame squarely on Standard Concrete, a subsidiary of Fijian Holdings.

Bainimarama's displeasure sent the Fijian Holdings CEO, Sereana Qoro, in a tizz of panic and her CFO took the fall.

Sayonara Aiyaz Musa.

Looks like Bainimarama is pushing developments in Bua to showcase the regime's prowess in fast-tracking development to compel more landowners to deposit more land in their Land Bank, as well as  speed up developments in time for the bauxite mining venture which got a convenient self-serving injection of assistance from China.

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