January 17, 2011

Pregnancy Fee's Skyrocket

The Fiji Times of Saturday, 15 January 2011, posted an interesting view titled "Pregnancy, an expensive affair" on the huge price hikes that taxpayers will now have to fork out to have children, in addition to paying 3% more on taxes.

Despite censorship, it was a clever way to put an alternative point of view out there.

One aspect that perhaps was censored is the threat of increased (and non-medically supervised) risks associated with homebirths that would arise simply because many families, especially now, are not in a position to meet all the associated antenatal, delivery and postnatal costs.

Additionally if homebirths skyrocket, the ability to keep tabs on the real state of population trends and statistics eg a census would be extremely difficult to monitor.

Unless of course a flawed approach to population control was and is the ultimate goal here because right now nothing is beyond this desperate and broke military regime.

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