January 18, 2011

Land Transport Authority dictates how cabbie's and bus driver's present themselves

Our hearts go out to the poor cabbies and bus drivers who are now being subjected to another poppycock idea by way of a Code of Conduct.

Surely the Land Transport Authority (LTA) should be more concerned about the extent of involvement of public service vehicles (PSVs) in the increased road death toll, or the overall safety & integrity of PSVs or God Forbid the appalling state of our roads (especially as the LTA being the monopolistic fat-cat that it is, now charges a trumped up "road levy" fee)?

But to subject the poor ol' cabbies and bus drivers to mindless drivel about what they wear and how they engage with the public is simply mindboggling.

Ultimately any change to the status quo in terms of attire to make them look suave will be borne by consumers as does the recent fuel price hike.

Surprisingly the unions for the cabs and buses are both supportive of the draconian measure and we can only assume that their current compliance is because of a current stand-off where the LTA and the Ministry are still holding back on new fares triggered by the recent fuel price increases.

The LTA had better be sure that it "steer's Fiji safely" because at the current rate they could be steering Fiji round the bend

Three breaches can get PSV drivers suspensed
Monday, January 17, 2011

Public Service Vehicle drivers are warned that three breaches of the new Code of Conduct will result in the suspension of their driving license.

The Land Transport Authority says drivers can get their license suspended for up to a year – depending on the severity of the offence.

LTA CEO Naisa Tuinaceva says PSV drivers need to get accustomed to the requirements of the Code of Conduct before next month – when enforcement officers will be out on the road to monitor compliance.

Tuinaceva says the comprehensive code demands respect, integrity and honesty from PSV drivers while they render transportation services to the public.

“The code basically gives out the rules of engagement on PSV activities for drivers. The code basically talks about the attire, the presentation - behavioral side of running the service. The code basically dictates, draws and encompass the way PSV drivers should be rendering service to the public – on a public service vehicle.”

Tuinaceva adds - special teams will be on the roads around the country – to ensure the Code is adhered to.

The Code of Conduct will be effective from February 12th.

Report by: Elenoa Osborne

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