January 27, 2011

Fiji's tax folks on a self-promotion high

I mean really, what is the news here?

The tax folks up at the Fiji Inland Revenue & Customs Authority (FIRCA) are gloating about an IMPOSED tax registration exercise, the benefits towards the state's coffers yet to be fully understood or realized and now they see fit to wallow in a"record collection" of revenue for 2010.

What could be so newsworthy about that? These suckers basically sit back and our money jumps into their coffers, because we unwillingly pay taxes to an illegal and treasonous regime, while we get nothing to show for it.

With the illegal and treasonous Lt Col Pio Tikoduadua and his confused worldviews shabby performance thus far, it is no wonder he would be desperate for SOMETHING to boast about.

FIRCA achieves record collection
Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Fiji Islands Revenue and Customs Authority achieved its highest ever level of revenue collection last year.

FIRCA Board Chairman Colonel Pio Tikoduadua described the 2010 revenue collections as outstanding, surpassing the revised projected revenue by $22.3m.

Tikoduadua says last year’s collection also increased by $91m when compared to 2009.

This positive outcome has been attributed to the solid collection of Value Added Tax.

Tikoduadua says Hotel turnover tax and customs duty collected were also above the forecast, and although the total income tax collected was below the forecast, PAYE which is the major component of Income Tax exceeded expectations.

Report by: Roland Koroi

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