January 20, 2011

Military Regime eyes Cakaudrove

The military regime is now "full-throttle" with their hearts and minds campaign to our rural populace.

And Cakaudrove appears to hold particular appeal.

The illegal and treasonous military regime uses one link from their pool of traditional allies to try and get Cakaudrove on board with their programme.

The much talked-up meeting between the illegal and treasonous Bainimarama and the Gone Turaga na Tui Cakau, Ratu Naiqama Lalabalavu was also hyped up and then roundly clarified.

Bainimarama realizes that bulldozing Ratu Naiqama into submission won't work, so in line with their "individualism and fragmentation" strategy, they line up the lewenivanua by dangling carrots, and getting round traditional road-blocks by attempting to make all land benefits equal and point-scoring with the young un's.

Why Cakaudrove in particular matters so much to Bainimarama and his cronies will undoubtedly see the light of day soo,n but if their publicly funded propaganda publication is anything to go by:
Vanua Levu could be turning into Fiji’s main economic base because of its rich
natural resource.
And people in the provinces of Cakaudrove, Bua and Macuata must fully utilise their land to ensure maximum returns for the economy .
 Also evident is the regime's own readiness in preparation for the economic explosion:
With increasing potential economic activities expected from Vanua Levu’s rich
natural resources, the island lags in infrastructural development.

“Pine trees have matured and it is a good sign for economic prospects for Vanua
Levu and Fiji as a whole,” said PM, adding that the first shipment of pine chips will leave our shores from Wairiki at the end of the year.

PM has also endorsed the establishment of a new Government station in Kubulau, Bua.

The new station would be commissioned to a full District Office operation to
assist development within the district.

Government has given its full support on the operation at Wairiki port.

This development will also ensure the supply of 1.5mega watts of electricity
to Savusavu, to be sourced from the Wairiki Pine chips operation.

Villages and settlements along the Nabouwalu area to Wainunu and Kubulau
will benefit through this development.

Minerals exploration in Nawailevu, Bua is taking off at a good pace creating a positive impact on the local economy with employment etc and given that this is known to be one of the promising fields of rocks containing aluminium hydroxides, which is the principal ore of aluminium.

There is also bauxite mining planned for the Nabouwalu region, with landowners now seeking PM’s assistance to transfer their land to the Land
Bank following talks with landowners.

PM Bainimarama said the road upgrades planned for Nabouwalu to Dreketi next year is geared to generate more economic activities for the Bua and Macuata provinces.

“Government has spent $.7million on road upgrade works from Vusasivo, Wailevu, Natewa and Tunuloa and $275,000 from Lavena to Naselesele, which
is now complete.

“Governments has also spent $.6million on rural electrification solar programme in villages around Cakaudrove province which has also completed.

“ G o v e r n m e n t ’ s upgrading works and more developments are for the betterment for everyone in Vanua Levu and better accessibility to services
provided by Government,” Bainimarama added.

He then said more upgrading of roads is expected to commence in 2011, which will see Northerners have access to good roads while utilising their resources and contributing to the economy.

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