January 24, 2011

Fiji's Disciplined Forces to Consolidate

The grand plan regarding our disciplined forces has been revealed by the illegal and treasonous Police and Prisons Commissioner, Ioane Naivalurua.

Shrouded under the disguise of enhanced logistics management in a workshop organised by the Police and attended by senior logistic officers of the disciplined forces, Naivalurua whips his subordinates up in a loyalty frenzy by claiming that "participants played an important role in the overall objectives of Government."

Naivalurua further added that "A good logistician will hit five birds with one stone and not the other way around". 

The senior disciplined forces officials at the workshop "were taught the importance of a united approach and fostering interoperability to better use resources."

It is clear now that some of these interoperational logistics include heavy-handed dismantling of houses in squatter settlements who are ex-crims (obviously with no respect for the selective propaganda a'la "second chance" yellow ribbon progamme) and abusing alleged marijuana farmers in rural areas.

More squatter settlements are being dismantled despite the military propaganda that all citizens are entitled to affordable and decent housing as provided for by the sham new "housing policy".

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