August 31, 2011

What Fiji can expect from the mining frenzy

Dr Wadan Narsey's eye-opening article on the Namosi copper mine was most revealing.

Despite the rapid propaganda response by currently favoured minions of the illegal and treasonous military regime, proclaiming all that is wonderful and lucrative, Narsey stresses the socio-economic and environmental cost to us as a people. All of us.

In the article, Dr Narsey highlights the PNG experience, and there is no better way to fully understand what we will be up against, unless we see for ourselves what we will inherit.

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Anonymous said...

The people of Namosi were advised by USP and SPACHEE in the 90's not to go head with the mining venture with Placer Pacific. Now greed seems to have taken over and clouded the conscience and thinking of the chief and elders coupled with the military strong-arm tactics of the RFMF. This is so tragic for Namosi and Fiji. It must be stopped at all costs!