November 11, 2011

Eye In the Sky: Fiji Govt Data Centre

The illegal and treasonous military regime laud the increase in Chinese tourists and are also enjoying the patronage of the renminbi backed loan from China for a grand ultra high-tech Government Data Centre that taxpayers will once again be forced to make good on, both against their will and knowledge.
New Government Data Centre for Fiji

After the commissioning, the Government of the Republic of Fiji will have it’s first Data Centre.
The Data Centre is aimed to achieve a tier 3 level. 
The centre is equipped with the latest technology and equipment which includes redundant and backup power supply, communication connections, environmental controls, (air conditioning & fire suppression) and security devices. 
Information security is vital, and for this reason entry into the facility is restricted to authorized personnel only, card access for the outskirts of the building, and biometric palm readers for entry into the core of the facility. This is to ensure a secure environment to minimize the chances of a security breach. 
ITC Services is the government department identified as the “Heart” of the Fijian Government that house all government information. The department is responsible for developing, supporting and implementing ICT across government. They are also the implementers of various projects like the e-Government project and soon the commissioning of the Fijian Government Data Centre. 
The department in the past month has had visitors to the Data Centre from stakeholders to government departments, including SPC together with officials from Tonga, Samoa, and the Cook Islands. 
The delegation accompanied by Secretariat of the Pacific Community staff had a chance to tour ITC Services office, located on Victoria Parade and the new Fijian Government Data Centre at Berkley Crescent. 
Through SPC, the department hopes to work with Pacific Island Countries in working together to enhance the relationship in terms of providing ICT support, in ensuring Information Security in their different Island countries. 
The Data Centre, upon commissioning, will be a great milestone achievement for the government as a whole. 
The Data Centre will see Government Information and data hosted on an internationally standardised environment to ensure:
- 99.982% up-time availability
- Standardised security features
- And State of the art redundancy plans.
Thanks to Google Earth however we can keep track with an eye in the sky view on what's going down with this hush-hush project.

It should come as no surprise to us therefore that all the recent military/naval posturing in this part of the world is in anticipation and response to China's growing power and technological outreach.

But make no mistake, the big boys and their military toys are no joke and they are not mucking around even if they say they are.

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