November 17, 2011

Leweni retained to keep Fijian provinces in line

No wonder Leweni isn't leaving our shores any time soon.

He's required to be around and "manage" the Fijian provinces. Just like he managed the Lau Provincial Council meeting and stacked it with one of their own illegal and treasonous members like Filipe Bole when the contentious issue of the unpopular Charter came up.

Now Leweni, like the good little obedient attack dog that he is, has been set on the Rewa Provincial Council meeting, most probably because their unwavering stand on the Charter will not change anytime soon.

Similarly as with other provinces the regime has a complicit Rewan usurper who helps "manage" the province of Cakaudrove, in the form of Ro Aca Mataitini.

All Rewa Provincial Council meetings suspended 
Publish date/time: 17/11/2011 [11:07] 
All Rewa Provincial Council meetings have been suspended until the government decides to call the next meeting for the provincial council. 
This is after the provincial council meeting yesterday where some members of the council were continuing to push for the provincial council to oppose the government’s People’s Charter and other initiatives. 
Military spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Neumi Leweni said only a few people were pushing their agenda in the meeting.   
Lieutenant Colonel Leweni said the provincial council which is funded by the government has been advised that there will be no more meetings for now based on what transpired yesterday. 
But he stressed that some tikinas in Rewa have fully supported the government’s initiatives and they will continue to be assisted.  
Lieutenant Colonel Leweni said further decisions will be taken soon. 
Stay with us we will have more on the Rewa Provincial Council in the next hour. 
Story by: Vijay Narayan

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