November 16, 2011

Military regime to close down schools to save money

Yes taxpayers budget day approacheth and so a little fudging herethere and everywhere is in order in order to once again cook the books.

It's also an opportune time Bainimarama and his illegal and treasonous military regime to do away with secondary schools and they have Laucala Bay Secondary School (LBSS) firmly in their sights.

Filipe Bole would do well to state for the public record how this shabby idea does not conflict with another shabby idea of his on school zoning where students living near the vicinity of LBSS  are to enrol at schools nearest to them in order to manage the "free busfare" idiocy (another brainless idea of his btw).

We would be surprised if the closure of LBSS and the education of these future taxpayers is not the sacrificial lamb for the Fiji Sports Council's visions of grandeur to acquire that prime piece of real estate.

It is understood that parents of LBSS are organising themselves to get Bainimarama to reconsider these draconian moves.

The point here however is that the regime is quite happy to keep a bloated military force and throw the future of students of LBSS under a bus.

Intelligentsiya has previously stated that the regime also has Queen Victoria School in their sights for defence purposes and we will watch these latest machinations very closely.
State schools under review 

Government is looking at recommendations to close State-owned schools.= 
Minister for Education Filipe Bole revealed this to Fiji SUN yesterday but said no immediate action would be taken. 
He said this was part of Government’s effort attached to the reforms carried out by the Public Service Commission (PSC). 
“There are only 12 Government schools out of the 1000 or so in the country. The move is part of cutting down on the expenditures,” Mr Bole said. 
However, he said, there were special considerations for prominent schools with historical background like Adi Cakobau School, Queen Victoria School and Ratu Kadavulevu School. 
“For these schools with history attached to them, there will be discussions and consultations on how we will handle them,” Mr Bole said. 
Laucala Bay Secondary School has been the first Government school to be earmarked for closure by next year. 
Meanwhile, Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama has agreed to the request by the board of Adi Cakobau School to renovate the school when he visited ACS yesterday. 
While there to launch the bus e-ticketing system, he agreed that engineers from the Republic of Fiji Military Forces (RFMF) would renovate three damaged wooden buildings which were formerly used as classrooms and dormitories. 
This is to cater for the increasing number of boarders. 
The renovation will be funded by the Prime Minister’s Office.

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