November 03, 2011

Where the national 2012 Budget at?

The illegal and treasonous military regime had, perhaps in an attempt to outshine themselves, in July made loud noises about their 2012 budget process which now included (snigger) "public consultation".

Many members of the "public" tried to support this sham, while many groups did what they would do normally and submitted group submissions. That was in July/August. It is now November.

The FNPFs dumbed down copy of their 2010/2011 Annual Report points to many things. The most salient of which is the majority of where "asset allocations" have been directed:


Added to this mix of the "missing 2012 budget" is the odd presentation given in March this year by the current green Ministry of Finance bosses (read: "jobs for the boys" beneficiaries of the regime).

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