November 22, 2011

Military Regime eyes Cakaudrove Provincial Council meeting

Now that the illegal and treasonous military regime's intentions for the Rewa Provincial Council meeting have been royally scuttled, they move to their next target of Cakaudrove and hope to keep them pliant as per their plans.
Cakaudrove meet is a go 
Cakaudrove Provincial Council members were updated on the status of development projects undertaken by the Government in the province last night. 
When this edition went to press, Commissioner Northern, Lieutenant-Colonel Ilai Moceica and his divisional heads of departments were in a briefing with the council members. 
The briefing is an informal one before this morning’s meeting proper. 
Key issues at this morning’s meeting will include provincial council rates, effects of climate change on villages, the invasive American iguanas which have become a pest in the province and the fight against violence and abuse of children and women. 
Roko Tui Cakaudrove Ro Aca Mataitini said a Government team from Vanua Levu arrived late yesterday afternoon on board the government vessel, MV Raiyawa. 
The topic of discussions at the informal meeting was mainly on the Vanua Levu Development Plan. 
“Commissioner Northern spoke on the comprehensive part of the Vanua Levu Development Plan and about tomorrow’s (today) meeting. 
“The meeting delegation were given the time to ask questions or raise clarifications on Government services, projects and plans for the province,” Ro Aca said. 
He said the question and answer opportunity was a positive way of promoting a cordial relationship between the leaders of the vanua and Government. 
The meeting was followed by a church service attended by the Council members and government team. 
Ro Aca said an informal meeting before the meeting proper was now the way to go in addressing issues related to Government services to the people. 
“The meeting proper is a formal avenue and most Council members are not comfortable with asking questions relating to Government plans and services. Thus, the need for an informal meeting as such,” he said. 
The Cakaudrove Provincial Council meeting starts at 9am.

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