July 30, 2012

Constitution participation

Maciu Malo
Sunday, July 29, 2012

AWARENESS campaigns have been carried out by the Ministry of Women to encourage women to participate in the election and constitutional consultation processes.

Minister for Women Doctor Jiko Luveni, who was in the west for the past two days, said this was an opportune time for women to have a say.

She said women were encouraged to make submissions in the new draft constitution.

"Women should make good use of this opportunity. This is their only chance to have their voice heard," said Dr Luveni.

"Women play a significant role in the day to day operation of any family, organisations and the country as a whole and it is therefore vital of them to be part of this Government process.

"Awareness campaigns have been made in several villages in the West to be part of the process by submitting their views to the Constitution Commission."

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