July 16, 2012

Women for elections

July 16, 2012 | Filed under: Fiji News | Posted by: newsroom

The Ministry of Women is in the process of identifying possible women candidates for the 2014 General Elections.

The process is in line with the ministry’s dedication to ensuring equal involvement of women in decision making.

Working in partnership with various provincial council offices, a database is being developed for potential general elections women candidates.

Minister for Women, Social Welfare and Poverty Alleviation, Dr Jiko Luveni said to ensure that women were visible in making formal decisions was part of the Government’s Women’s Plan of Action (2010 to 2019).

“The ministry is working with provincial councils and women’s organisations including those in rural communities to identify women who could be potential candidates for the next general elections. We will focus on helping these women to make themselves visible as community workers serving the voters and training them and prepare them for elections,” Dr Luveni said.

“Right now we have many women non-governmental organisations that are linked to the Ministry of Women through the Fiji Women’s Federation. We have established the network that we can capitalise and awareness on the Constitution and elections will be taken to grassroots women as well to ensure inclusive and participatory approach is taken.

“Community meetings will be arranged with women NGOs and we can even piggy back on provincial councils and commissioner’s offices to select potential trainers or facilitators who will undergo training using bridge training module and they will conduct sessions in the communities.”

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