July 09, 2012

Rabuka pipes up...

...to once again share his thruppence on his "other way".

From one who spawned illegality and treason into Fiji's societal psyche like the terminal cancer that it is, this kind of counsel we will do without...so errr thanks but no thanks.

This whole saga will find itself finally in a truly independent and impartial court of law. Of that we are committed to seeing through.

Immunity for Fiji regime important says RabukaPosted at 19:19 on 08 July, 2012 UTC 
The man behind Fiji’s first coup Sitiveni Rabuka says immunity for the current regime is important for Fiji to move forward and return to democracy. 
Mr Rabuka was given immunity from prosecution over the two military coups he carried out in 1987 and this was enshrined in Fiji’s 1990 and 1997 constitutions. 
Mr Rabuka earlier said a pardon for 2000 coup leader George Speight would be a catastrophe and pave the way for more coups but he says those who came to power through the 2006 coup have become accepted by the people. 
“This government has demonstrated that they have been effectively in control. The people have not taken to the streets as we saw in Egypt and Libya. Therefore they have taken control of the country. They are the government of the nation and they determine the future steps which we accept on their terms.” 
But Mr Rabuka says constitutional immunity has its weaknesses and he tried to have these rectified in a failed proposal to the Great Council of Chiefs in 2006.

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