July 13, 2012

No to gay marriages

Tevita Vuibau
Friday, July 13, 2012

THE Assemblies of God Church does not condone gay marriages and homosexuality as a whole.

The statement from the church comes after the issue of gay marriages was raised at the five-day Anglican Church synod that ended in Nadi yesterday.

Speaking to The Fiji Times, church general superintendent Reverend Pita Cili said the church respected the right of the Anglican Church to make a decision on the issue.

"At the end of the day, someone has to answer to God on every decision he makes in regards to what God says in his word about the issue," Mr Cili said. "Because the word of God is non-negotiable, we would not dare discuss it or change it but only receive it as it is."

In another development, gay rights group Drodrolagi Movement has called on church leaders to promote acceptance when dealing with homosexuality and same-sex marriages.

"Our church leaders should be promoting love, acceptance and inclusiveness and promote a world free from homophobia and transphobia," Drodrolagi co-ordinator Kris Prasad said.

"Marriage equality may be an important issue for many same-sex couples who seek State recognition of their relationships and to be accorded the same rights and protections that are already available for straight couple," he said.

"In the context of Fiji, many of us would like to address the stigma, violence, harassment and discrimination that prevent many in the LGBTI community from reaching their full potential and to be on an equal par with others in society."

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