April 20, 2009

Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble

History repeats itself. The spirit of Maafu, the Tongan who in the 1800’s attempted to install himself as a supreme being in Fiji, has been revived through the illegal Vice-President who is himself Tongan with close links to the royal Tongan palace.

If that’s not enough of a key ingredient for regional instability, the Melanesians wrongly think the Samoan PM, Tuileapa’s attack on Fiji as an affront to Melanesian unity and PNG’s “here and there” views of Bainimarama are inconsistent perhaps because one of their own is very tight with the military regime cohorts. In particular the now illegal second lady.

The illegal Attorney General, Aiyaz Saiyed Khaiyum is supposed to be appointing more of his merry treasonous henchmen in wigs today. The quick and dirty illegal edits to the make-up and role of the Judiciary Services Commission is visibly central to immunity for those willing to fall from legal grace. Pundits point to Nazhat Shameem and former military man himself Isikeli Mataitoga as top contenders for the chief legal treasoner role.

Nazhat’s stand on the same issue during the coup in 2000 will be closely monitored for consistency.

Bainimarama’s self-serving “55 years and over out-the-door-now” decree is apparently causing much anxst with his own military crew.

For now despite the media censorship, our 4th estaters continue to be heralded for their innovation against the tyranny of the pen. The blogs also continue to make news.

Fijians in Australia begin to mobilize themselves to clamp down on Bainimarama’s regime with outside pressure.

Ballu Khan leads a similar charge in Aotearoa. But the NZ Government stupidly jumps the gun and talks about a possible multilateral troops exercise if it came to it (which will undoubtedly piss off other Pacific countries especially the Melanesians) and only lend credence to Bainimarama soon chest-thumping "I told you so".

Canada now lends its weight to the international condemnation of all-things illegal in this country.

The Economist highlights our political merry-ground as a puppet-show which can only herald a darker Fijian economic outlook to the world.

Meanwhile the undercurrents of “bubble, bubble, toil and trouble” are brewing and stewing. We again reiterate our point that it must all be peaceful.

Bainimarama’s early morning today visit to the Govt IT Department is being monitored.

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Anonymous said...

That's "Double, double, toil and trouble." "Bubble" comes at the end of the next line, completing the rhyme.