April 25, 2009

The Change Rhetoric We Simply Can’t Believe In

While democracy’s away, the vultures will play. Or as Wall Street evidently puts it “when there’s blood on the streets, buy land”.

That’s the crux of the message I got while reading the illegal Attorney General, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum’s “thank you for playing with us” statement to Bob Lowres the front-man for the new land grab while you can at Naisoso Island.

It could even be argued that the recent devaluation was almost too opportune a moment to finally seal the deal. Even the Fiji Labour Party had vehement protestations about the absurdity of the devaluation stunt contrary however to the views of the Fiji Sugar Corporation.

Similarly the recent Fiji Water saga of sending 100 employees packing tints them with the same predator paintbrush who love to play with Bainimarama. After successfully overturning Chaudhry’s taking them to task on tax issues, they greased Bainimarama’s palms with his still-to-be-reported-on-disaster-management-kitty and have since been given full treasonous approval to play their water games to their hearts content.

We hope Fiji Water understands just how vulnerable strong brands can be from attacks. Especially brand attacks from the resource owners themselves.

Try as Khaiyum might to be as compelling as Obama, his call to other vultures to become an agent for change for Fiji falls flat. Through his speech he delicately ticks off those commercial entities that don’t rightfully want to play with an illegal regime.

Khaiyum has himself undergone many changes via his vocal chords. Not too long ago he was adamant that the constitution would continue to remain as the legal cornerstone of our country. Today, as any lying Treasoner would, he lauds the assassination attempt on the constitution as it paves the way for electoral reforms. Even with the illegal decree dangling the carrot of dual citizenship it will be a hard-sell for the required 100,000 citizens to give up the good life abroad, invest in Fiji and risk life and limb to help skew electoral reform results against the majority while they’re here.

Almost as if on cue, the chief shapeshifting change agent himself Bainimarama grants himself a medal along with Driti (possibly in appeasement to a whispered tantrum recently) and Mohammed Aziz. To legitimize the process they haul Iloilo in to do the cheap honours. Unsurprisingly all 3 have control over key military roles and under the guise of “humanity” participate in a cheap ploy to defend themselves soon against allegations of crimes against the humanity of Fiji.

Bainimarama’s captain of his cheerleading squad Kevin Barr is very recently tasked with a public relations exercise targeting Tonga. Barr is himself a former catholic priest cum social-worker and now apparently moonlights as a political analyst. Snort, Cough, Cough, Hack.

Other new state players eager to sink their fangs into Bainimarama's playgroup include the Sri Lankans and the Egyptians. Mahendra Chaudhry during his brief play-time with Bainimarama was also mighty nervous about interests from Dubai perhaps preferring the “strategic interests” to be those closely aligned to his point of view. American Samoa lends their featherweight hand and tries to find favour with Bainimarama if only to up the notches to the Obama administration on their regional credibility and in the process wiggle their way to a status seat at the PIF table which can never happen as they're a US territory.

Obviously right now China is the least of Australia and Aotearoa’s worries.

Anyway here’s some change Bainimarama et al better believe in. They will be out of power sooner than they think. We have the Samoan PM Tuilaepa cheering us on from Apia in that regard.


busycorner said...

So where do you place Sir James AhKoy and his recently frosty relationship with Elandia?

It appears that Elandia took $1.2 million US of AhKoy's money through Kelton Ltd in Auckland and then booted him out the door when the stock went bust.


Nastur said...

Hear hear. Well written. Thank you.

Keep The Faith said...

@ busycorner...Jimmy Ah Koy is and always has been a vulture -- even if he was flitting between Fiji and picking up medals in Port Moresby, he could be classified therefore as a local vulture (even while he's in Beijing).

In fact the last time he headed our devaluation there were also whispers of "insider trading" and the benefits his company acquired because they knew it was coming.

Didn't know about Elandia debacle but can only say that "what goes around comes around".

busycorner said...

Elandia is wholly owned by Stanford International Bank of Antigua. Stanford is currently in receivership after investigators discovered it was one big Ponzi scheme similar to Bernie Madoff.

Elandia officials tricked AhKoy in an investment scheme by naming his son "chief development officer" through Kelton LTD.

The deal involved Datec and a cellular telephone company in American Samoa called BlueSky.

Elandia manipulated their stock price getting Sir James to believe is was a good deal.

Eventually the Stanford receiver will take over Elandia and distribute the assets to the defrauded investors of Stanford International.

Sir James got conned by the boys in Miami.


Keep The Faith said...

Hmmm interesting busycorner!

Meanwhile Tuilaepa raps his Am-Samoan wantok on the knuckles re: his advice to Clinton:


Anonymous said...

According to SEC filings below, the Ahkoy Family are victims of fraud by Elandia including Allen Stanford and Trip Camper. Elandia's Allen Stanford fired Trip Camper when it was discovered that Elandia had no intention of fulfilling promises to the Ahkoy Family. The Ahkoy Family is suing Elandia, Trip Camper moved on to his next victim (a private company in Los Angeles) and enlisted Ed Berkhof to help him form a "shell" holding company under the pretense of "taking the company public", and illegally took control of the private company. Trip Camper and Ed Berkhof pretended to be the owners of the private company in order to get money from other private investors. The los angeles company was ruined and became victims - as did the Ahkoys.

According to recent articles, "FMC Acquires SMS.." FMC Telecom founder Frank Cassidy is either a NEW partner in crime for Ed Berkhof OR he is simply ANOTHER victim fallen prey to Ed Berkhof's web of lies and empty promises to "take a company public". Investors beware! Ed Berkhof is neither a President, COO or Investor of anything. Ed Berkhof is a con artist and a has-been third rate bass player from Florida trying to find a payday.

When will the FBI stop these Ponzi scam artists? Thieves like Allen Stanford, Bernie Madoff, Trip Camper and Ed Berkhof are leaving a path of destruction and a wake of fallen victims of fraud.

View links below for more information on Elandia/Ahkoy: