April 14, 2009

Citizen’s Roll Call

Because needs must, we’re going back to the old school yard with the roll call.

These are the folks that have been “arrested” or unjustly held todate by the military dictatorship and as far as we know, are still being held under those circumstances.

If you know of or still await news of their release, follow Discombobulated Bubu’s news alert links and make those updates known.

Michael Field takes 3 News NZ by storm by airing his views on the very “Limited” Bainimarama. Watch the video interview here where Field calls on NZ to start ramping up the pressure on Fiji’s tourism export earnings as well as our UN peacekeeping privileges.

Unsurprisingly these views were also echoed succinctly by former military man currently on a fellowship at ANU, Jone Baledrokadroka in today’s Sydney Morning Herald.

The economy will be the straw that breaks Bainimarama’s back and our people will have a fighting chance if they take control of what they own and what they inherently know .


Anonymous said...

This is a great blogspot & a must read for all.

Laisenia Qarase said...

Why can youall not leave us well alone?

Semi said...

The real Lai would never say anything like that so give it up @LaiseniaQarase impersonator