April 15, 2009

Defiance is the order of the day

So. Here we are. Another day of non-productivity that pours millions down the drain while our central bank defiantly tries to save our reserves. The RBF can only try its best to stem the gush.

The self-appointed illegal leader defies the calls for Elections and lies about the so-called 64% support of HIS ideals and the normalcy of our current situation.

Lo and behold we even detect some knee-knocking as Bainimarama now begins to fear another coup within a coup of his 3 coup's.

The illegal Attorney General finds it fit to defy our local media and spill his guts to the international press as if it will gain him any credibility. Furthermore he continues to defy the notion that his soon to be known illegal judicial appointments will be independent and impartial. The individuals who take up these roles will be hard-pressed to ignore the treasonous oaths they take as officers of the court, against a constitution that is still very much alive.

Iloilo as the illegal Head of State continues to defy logic by continuing to put his hand to more farcical decrees that feebly attempt to keep the arms of government buzzing.

But neither Fiji or the world is fooled. We are in a mess and and we are the scorn of the regional neighborhood.

Growing defiance is also continuing in our opposition of this illegal military regime. Dorsami Naidu’s staunch defiance even from the 4 walls of his cell are note-worthy and to be applauded. It is a bright spark in these dark days.

Jone Baledrokadroka’s latest radio interview is all the more enlightening about how effective the might of the military really is when the masses are defiant.

Dark days yes but peaceful defiance is central to our freedom as a nation. There are no limits to how that should look.

Continuous hand-wringing, teeth-gnashing and wailing from the sides should not be an option.


Anonymous said...

fjd devalued with immediate effect and reddy, sada new RBF governot

Anonymous said...

From the ever funny namuamua journal http://www.geocities.com/namuamua_journal/latestnews.html
Fiji Warns Australia and New Zealand of Tough Sanctions
“We will not tolerate your pro democracy stance”
In a stern warning to the government of Australia and New Zealand, the interim Fiji government has warned of imposing trade and travel sanctions on foreign businesses and tourists respectively after calls were made by the foreign affairs office of the two countries to return Fiji to democracy.

In a press conference attended by local media journalists and accompanied by military censors, the spokesman for the interim government, Major Neumi Leweni stated that it was time for Fiji to teach overseas government a lesson.

“We have remained silent for far too long. Now we will impose trade sanctions on Australia and New Zealand and let’s see how they survive. We will cripple their economy. As for the tourists, we will just deprive them of beautiful sandy beaches and relaxing atmosphere. They just failed to recognize that Fiji is the only country in the world for tourists from Australia and New Zealand. We will not tolerate their pro-democracy stance,” Major Leweni scorned.

However according to Professor Richard Swath who teaches at the University of Adelaide and is considered a leading authority on new syndromes, the warning by the interim government maybe a direct result of Cat Attitude Syndrome’ or CAS. “According to this syndrome, the patient feels that the world owes them a favor and everyone else is born to serve them no matter what their actions are,” Professor Swath emphatically stated.

Meanwhile to counter criticisms on falling foreign reserve, the interim government has announced that it will auction the abrogated 1997 Constitution on eBay and transfer the proceeds from the sale to the Reserve Bank of Fiji.

In other news, the Fiji Human Rights Commission director, Dr. Shaista Shameem stated that the mythical Bill of Rights does exist and an expedition team is being assembled to hunt for it.

Anonymous said...

Just have to post this comments here as Global Voices seems to be axing comments re Crosbie in his support for the Militray Dictator, Bananarama. Crosbie & another Prof for Pacific History in Auckland University seems to be so geared up in protecting this 'thick headed man' Vore Bananarama.

This is our message for them & those that cannot see the sufferings of Fiji people:

Crosbie et al needs to get a grip that Frank Bananarama, as Michael Field rightly stated in his Campbell interview, VB has little academic intelligence, lack of army experience, no chiefly blood in him to be able to lead in a fair & just manner etc etc.

Jone Baledrokadroka happens to be a lawyer in the army and everyone knows him as he was one of the senior person in the army so knows the inner workings and also VB's capabilities.

When will Crosbie start keeping his promise of having a well thought out & balance academic view. We will challenge him every step of the way. First he claims he was speaking on behalf of the minority esp the Indians. Now that they too have stepped aside and are not publicly showing thei support for this idiot VB, what else is he trying to prove with his caustic & damning report of all those that do not agree with VB. Crosbie even labels Graham Leung as "....." (intentionally left blank to show Crosbie how revolting his comment on Graham is!!)

We suggest for Crosbie & parties like him to read & take note of Intellygensiya's blog & also Sai Lealea's blog to get upto speed with Fiji saga.

This struggle in Fiji is not only for the Fijians but cuts across the board & includes EVERYONE, Banabans, Rotumans, Chinese, Europeans other PI(s), Indians, Vasu(s) etc from Fiji. It affects all

Time to re-think your strategy Crosbie et al as you are all flogging a 'dead horse'

Anonymous said...

Frank Bananarepublicerama

Anonymous said...

Hi guys! keep that news coming we in New Zealand are reading sites like yours so we have an idea whats going on over there.

Frank Bananarama is a criminal leading an illegal coup and its only a matter of time before he and his puppet regime self implode and when that happens we'll be here to support a free Fiji.

In the meantime no one here will travel for holidays to Fiji because it provides indirect support for Frank Bananarama and his gang of thugs. And once Frank runs out of money and can no longer afford to pay his armed Gorillas, then his days will be numbered!

We hope you all rise up against this oppression and do all you can to break this dictatorship for a swift return to democracy and a free and prosperous Fiji.

Teejay for a Free Fiji said...

Fiji from the outside looks as if it is going to become the Zimbabwe of the pacific. What a horrible thought. My concern is that Dictator Bainimarama will be fed a financial lifeline from China, so he can say to hell with what the Commonwealth or the South Pacific Forum do to me. Note I wrote 'me' not Fiji. Dictator Bainimarama is NOT Fiji. Keep blogging to beat Bainimarama and his brain dead crones.