April 09, 2009

Game, Set & Match

We concur with Qarase that REAL Justice has now been served.

Read the judgment summary here. The full judgment here and the full ruling here.

Naturally the military regime see's fit to prepare a statement (and dare we suggest intimidation tactics) in reaction.

The Illegal (and oh how liberating it is to say it boldly now) AG finds the time to tear himself away from the Western side Mandara Spa love triangle and offer some pearls of wisdom such as “the ruling leaving a vacuum” of some sort.

Maaaaaate! The only vacuum the people of this country want to see is your lot’s absence from the seats of power.

Knowing Bainimarama he will not accept this outcome lying down so Qarase et al need to keep their tennis shoes on.


Fiji Democracy Now said...

Today's finding by the Fiji Court of Appeal effectively declares that our dictator has been on the wrong side of the law from the time he used his guns to seize power in Fiji 28 months ago.

Yes bloggers, that's official! And what wonderful news it is!

But what we don't know is whether Voreqe Bainimarama will respect the court's ruling?

Or will he, like the outlaw he his, try and evade the law?

Will today's decision spur Bainimarama to turn his back on the Constitution and formalize his dictatorship?

And, if that happens, can he be confident of carrying the army and his rag-tag opportunist supporters with him?

Or will reason, common sense and decency prevail and will the army disown their commander on the grounds that he is only destroying Fiji in his bid to evade justice?

The other crucial question is the capacity of our President to abide by the court's ruling and appoint an independent person as a caretaker Prime Minister.

No doubt all of these questions will be answered in the next few days and weeks.

In the meantime, we can only hope and pray that, finally, our beloved nation can find the right path leading out of the catastrophe that has been wrought by the actions of an outlaw.

We at FDN wish everyone a blessed and peaceful Easter.

Keep The Faith said...

Too right FDN!

Easter blessings to your crew as well .

ex Fiji tourist said...

God bless all you bloggers for helping Mr Q achieve a brilliant result.

Have a happy and Holy Easter.

Anonymous said...

The pen is mightier than the sword. God Bless you Qarase!