April 14, 2009

Is Bainimarama’s Fellowship of Thugs disintegrating?

The illegal coup decree instigated by Bainimarama and validated by Iloilo has 2 very interesting paragraphs in part 7 which single’s out the role of illegal Attorney General:

“7(2) The (illegal) Minister appointed as Attorney-General is the chief legal advisor to (illegal) Government.

(3) A person is not qualified to be appointed as Attorney-General unless he or she is qualified to practice as a barrister and solicitor in the Fiji Islands

It will be very interesting to see what the Fiji Law Society (FLS) has to say in regard to one of their members taking a treasonous oath. Ditto for the 2 other unworthy "military" officers of the court who took up similarly treasonous oaths today. The FLS has a constitutional role as member of the Judicial Services Commission.

The irritating whine from Shaista Shameem begins with her now playing “victim” with the FHRC closed for business today. Lady, what did you expect when the entity that lives only with the Constitution was in fact killed by you and your “understandably no other way for the President” nonsense?

Mahend Chaudhry seem's to also have been caught unaware with the proposed 5-year rule of the illegal military regime. He was obviously not consulted on this decision.

Guys it appears you are now just as expendable as Bainimarama’s own men: Corporal Maika Vuniwawa, Patrick Nayacalagilagi, Taione Lua, Ulaiasi Radike, Etonia Nadura, Ratunaisa Toutou, Joeli Lesavua, Jona Nareki, Ilaisa Kurimavua, and Napolioni Naulia.

You have nothing now that is of use to Bainimarama.


Fiji Democracy Now said...


Fiji is about to be given the cold shoulder by the whole world. We at Fiji Democracy Now say it's time for everyone with family members in the RFMF to impose their own sanctions and give them the cold shoulder.

There's no need to explain it. Just stop talking to them. They'll understand. They know what their leaders are doing to the country.

And if they're smart they'll realise that their pay packets will wind up empty one day or full of Fiji dollars that won't buy anything if this madness doesn't stop

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Anonymous said...

Raw Fiji latest postings is as good as o ne can get so do read the intricate details of emails exchanged between Shitsta* & Victor. Lol..she will indeed be crwying out...as lady Macbeth did...'bloodied stained hands'!!!