April 11, 2009

Making global headlines for all the wrong reasons

Iloilo, sit back and watch the world heckle and shout at you, Frank and your merry band of losers. As well you can bet your bottom dollar that they will start the machinations to shut you down & out.

The current disarray of our legal situation will undoubtedly be propped up more by their favorite judicial stooges as well.

Anyhow here’s the break-down of what the world is saying:


ex Fiji tourist said...

From the ABC

""Lawyer 'fearful' {judge]

One of the Australian lawyers who ruled that Fiji's 2006 military coup was illegal says he was fearful before handing down the judgement.

Randall Powell SC delivered the judgement in Fiji last Thursday afternoon.

He has since returned to Australia and says a warning was broadcast for Fijians to return to their homes before the decision was read out.

"[I was] a little fearful when people had been told to go home at 3:30," he said.

"After the judgement was delivered I received a phone call stating that we should get out of Suva and onto an early flight if we could."

Mr Powell says he cannot imagine what the ramifications will be.

"To purport to sack the whole of the judiciary is unimaginable," he said.

"I can't imagine what the consequences will be. Presumably people will just stay in jail without trial."

Anonymous said...

This is true, I was there in the courtroom. The poor man, he visibly trembled as he looked up and saw a jam-packed public gallery. I was about to put my hand up,had he needed someone to read their judgment, such was my impatience to know the result! As scary as it were, I say to the Appeal Judges - vinaka, vinaka, vinaka vakalevu!

Anonymous said...

The true can never be silenced for long thank you to the lawyers of SDL... Vinaka vaka levu