April 17, 2009

The Power of Conscience In Numbers

The human mind is such a powerful thing. Through the ages it has propelled us from the basics to the “developed” world that we now live in.

Thankfully we are also inherently born with a conscience. In all the things we participate in to live as members of the human race, we are also born with an inner voice, if you will, that niggles at us when we “feel” we are either on the right or wrong track.

Consider the conscience of Martin Luther King as he dreamed his big dream for the freedom of the negroes in the United States of America. That dream is now a global reality through Barack Obama. That dream was fought long and hard for. But the dream came to be only because it was fought peacefully.

Ghandi, also compelled by his conscience dreamed the same peaceful dream for India.

We as a nation are currently paralysed, anxious, fed up, fearful, frustrated, uncertain about the apparent rumblings underfoot. We carry sentiments that vindication, revenge, must be had. It is true. It is human. With a character of Bainimarama’s ilk, we have every right to demand better because we suffer at the hands of a so-called leader we did not choose.

Perhaps the Indigenous Fijian version of an Emanicipation Proclamation is a start. But our conscience dictates that it must be peaceful.

The adage that violence begets violence has been proven time and again, century after century, generation after generation. It can never be a legacy for Fiji.

Driven by our conscience and the same dream, we can oppose and defeat this military regime. But let our opposition be peaceful and smart.

With the same dream, we will throw out the “journalism of hope”, “new legal order” visions that are not ours.

With the same dream, we can turn our backs on the apparent appointment of an illegal Vice President.

With the same dream, we can flip the bird at illegal (however tempting) directives to commercial banks.

With the same dream, we will reclaim the right to information.

With the same dream, we must continue to do justice to the Constitution and reject outright the notion that it has been illegally taken away.

With the same dream, we will not be used as pawns by the possible machinations of some but make the dream of a Free Fiji, our own aspiration.

With the same dream, we must resist the urge to lash out but be guided by our conscience, common decency and respect for each other as members of the universal human family.

With the same dream, we as a people of this great nation must:
COMMIT ourselves anew to living in harmony and unity, promoting social justice and the economic and social advancement of all communities, respecting their rights and interests and strengthening our institutions of government

But let the dream be peaceful and aligned to our constitution.


Stan Blanch said...

Let me say this. As a Kai loma living in NZ, with both my father and Grandfather born in Fiji. That I support Commodore Frank Mainimarama.
I have many good reasons for taking this position and they are:
Frank has addressed the issue of rampart corruption amongst the Fiji civil service and Politicians.
If you talk to moderates from Fiji in NZ ,including Kai-Indi's you will find that they support Frank Bainimarama as well.
Apart from censorship, I cannot fault Franks leadership as everything so far has been for the good of the Country. The hard line Ratu's who wanted to demand land rights and squeeze tourist resorts out of diminishing income, needed to be stood up to. These are the guys whose villages live in poverty whilst they run round in $100,000 SUV's.
Like wise he has taken a hardline on the handful of top Fijian businessmen who were involved quietly behind previous Coups. We all know who they are.
Their motive was financial gain.
Frank will steer Fiji back to onto a course that is fair and equitable to all Fijians.
Bul vi naka
Stan Blanch
Ph 027 221 7606

FijiGirl said...

Bravo Intelligentsiya. Now let's get these fine words translated in Fijian and Hindi and get them out to the people.
And then let's March...
God bless Fiji

Keep The Faith said...

Bula Stan Blanch - I have noted your comments and have only this to say. Your right to support Frank is your prerogative and we're not even going to try to start a conversation with you as to why you are wrong.

The bottom line is that Bainimarama does not have the support of the majority of our populace and that is why his regime will never remain in power.

Re: our posting opposing views on this blog? Sorry mate, if there are such views then by all means start your own blog.

This blog is all about and for respect for democracy and the rule of law.

Tim said...

Please Stan, I'm prepared to engage with you - in fact I'me prepared to come visit you.
Frank has addressed corruption has he?
So where are the successes in identifying those responsible? I've ABSOLUTELY NOT DOUBT you are correct in believeing there are many.
But I also guess that you support a regime that has itself engaged in blatant corruption, suppression of human rights, corruption, nepotism and a variety of other sins in order to fight that CORRUPTION. That's quite apart fro the fact that the anit-corruption ideal of the junta got lost a long time ago - in favour of trans pair rinsy and good gubbernance.
And may I ask - as a new New Zealander who was anxious to leave Fiji for whatever reason, why you think your relatively safe tenure on these shores takes some sort of precedence over those you've left. If you can answer that with any credible and logical argument, then perhaps you deserve some sort of consideration that is of 'higher status' than expat coup apologists who've run far and wide yet don't want to put their money where their mouths are.
What are the circumstances in which you (or your family) would be prepared to return and invest in Fiji. OR is it just a resignation that you think Fiji is fucked and you're tucked up safe and sound, so you want to throw in your thrupence worth?

White Rose said...

To be effective, in any appraoch, there must be co-ordination. It shouldn't not be taken for granted that a spontaneous uprising will have the momentum to be self sustaining. Hence the need to organise. And the focal point of the organisation must be something that a wides cross section of the community must strongly feel about. Strongly feel about to act peacefully against.
It must be something in line with Mahatma Ghandhi's greal salt march.

Anonymous said...

Tim in reply to you.
No I dont think Fiji is F...d up.
our family has property there and I am a regular vistor to Viti Levu.
In fact I have a friend who is about to start buliding a new brewery in Fiji. I actually went so far as to advise this was a good move.My great Uncle was a High commissioner to London and another relative was Fiji's very first
botanist. I am not anxious to leave Fiji? It is my Country.
What I am saying is that Commodore Frank Bainamarama is acting for the good og Fiji and the majority of Fijians. I can understand why people have been put off by censorship.
Have you read a book called the Guns of Lautoka by Chris Harder, where a dissident Fijian and a crook bought in a container load of firearms into Fiji?
AK 47's grenades the lot.
Frank himself was nearly shot during a previous coup
and narrowly escaped with his life.
Fiji is currently a safe place to be. Albeit under martial law. There are no gun carrying rogues roaming the streets.
There are no prominent Indo Fijian businessmen plotting a coup. There are no council of chief activists conniving behind the scenes to have another coup.There are no plans as I understand to take the leased land away from the tourist resorts by charging extortionic rents.There are no Ratu's doing Kare Kare bribes and driving around in $100,000 SUV's whilst their villages go without and survive on subsistence living.
The days of big Indo business people putting in tax returns with negative profits and not paying any tax are over. Thanks to Frank Bainimarama.
In fact Tim if you got off your bottom and went door knocking around Suva, you will find everyone is very happy.Everyone feels safe. I go to great length
to explain this to people in NZ and Australia. ( Where I am writing this) that the malcontents are a minority.
The High Chiefs who can no longer bleed Fiji.
Corrupt top Indo businessmen who involve them selves in politics & coups
not for any civic duty but to line their pockets.
The Press who just love a beat up to increase circulation regardless of the truth.It works OK in NZ & Australia but it wont work in Fiji at the present time. Fiji needs growth and political stabilty and to wash the leaches and fleas from its body. The Country will grow and prosper in the absence of endemic grred corruption and bribery.
Go look at my wesite
It was amongst other blogs a voice in toppling labour in NZ at the last election just before Xmas. I seriously considering starting something similar
Good blogs get good discussion out there!
stan Blanch
Ph 027 221 7606
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