April 15, 2009

RBF announces 20% Devaluation to FJD



Anonymous said...

We just got poorer

Anonymous said...

In my opinion, the Devaluation will do more damage to us Citizens of Fiji than good. Appx 70% of all products sold in our economy are imported and the majority of products we export have imported components in them. Even the tourism & sugar industry rely on imported commodities. Thus, I fail to comprehend how this devaluation is going to help us in any way.

Anonymous said...

Just what we needed in times like this..!!

FijiGirl said...

With the devaluation, surely the malodorous Chodokant will do the right thing and bring in his $2.2m Haryana donation to help the Indo-Fijian community, just like he claimed all those years ago.
Or will he, devious snake that he is, leave it in his foreign personal bank accounts, and let the Indo-Fijian and Sugar Communities suffer in poverty compounded by his support of this illegal regime?
My guess is for the latter.
God bless Fiji

Anonymous said...

RBF should face my brute here: http://purpleskin.mybrute.com/

digger said...

How much is Frankie boy stashing away in private personal bank accounts? He has the banks under control so can do as he likes. This man is an enemy of Fiji not its saviour.

Children of Fiji said...

Anyone needing a full 12 pages copies of Reserve Bank of Fiji's latest release from 14 April shoot your request in via our blogspot by clicking the icon on this postings.

At a glimpse RB has suspended, quote

Part A. Facilities Suspended
1. Offshore Investments
* These include investments by non-bank institution companies and individuals

* Suspension applies to both new applications aaaaaand existing approvals not yet utilised.


Theres more & if feeling upto it might post the doc on our blog but meanwhile let us know if you need a physical copy we will post it to you. Its genuine stuff!!!