April 20, 2009

Shredding away justice from our courts

While an additional treasonous party of 9 take their illegal oaths as magistrates today, the new illegal Court Registrar, Major Ana Rokomokoti-Daucakacaka, has apparently not wasted any time in attempting to blur the murky illegal tracks of Bainimarama’s military regime.

The mugshots of the sorry illegal 9 can be viewed here and they are:

  1. Illegal Chief Magistrate Ajmal Khan
  2. Salesi Temo
  3. Maika Nakaora
  4. Anare Tuilevuka
  5. John Rabuku
  6. Alofa Seruvatu
  7. Mohammed Nazeem ud-Dean Sahu Khan
  8. Anjala Wati
  9. Faizal Koya

Sources point to a high level directive for all legal files involving the military junta to be sent to Major Rokomoti’s office supposedly for shredding. Shredding began as early as last week. Sources also highlight that senior staff at the courts are being terminated.

The files of pertinent interest to Major Rokomoti include the Court of Appeal case files and all files listing Bainimarama’s et al as defendants.

While the high court appointment for illegal Chief Justice is yet to be announced, sources say that Justice Daniel Gounder has accepted a seat back on the high court bench while Nazhat Shameem is not stepping up to the plate this time and will be compensated perhaps for contractual obligations.

Australian judges are apparently not biting the illegal Attorney General’s offer for additional bench-time either.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Daniel Goundar?

Back on the bench?

You sure?

But, wasn't he the one tht convicted all those soldiers?

I would have thought they would not even so much as call him, after that! The one to watch would be Shameem. I bet my bottom dollar that this is where we will see which side her bread is being buttered.