April 09, 2009

Snapping out of the Court of Appeal verdict “High”

In case you thought that the feel-good moment of true justice handed down today would last forever, the euphoria (because Bainimarama is so predictable just like Shaista Shameem) will only last hours and not days. It won't even await until the President decides who the caretaker leader should be.

That’s right folks. Bainimarama as we’ve long known is ONLY about Number 1. Himself. And he certainly does not want anyone else stepping into his shoes or taking over his privileges. So right now at the fourth floor of his Govt Buildings office they are plotting and scheming the possibility of abrogating the constitution ASAP.

NZ PM John Key’s knew this even when commenting after the court ruling was handed down today. Australia also in response reiterated the need for the court ruling should be respected but everyone knows that Frank is an uncompromising terrorist thug.

The military is being mobilized right now.

Whatever route you decide Frank, just know that it will just make the cases of your crimes against the humanity of Fiji so much easier to prove.


Anonymous said...

The fact remains,Justice has brought him down from his high horse.

This reminds me of the story of 'Humpty Dumpty'. For those that may have forgotten the verse goes something like this...
"...Humpty - Dumpty (Voreqe B) had a great fall & all the kings' horses and all the kings' men just could not put Humpty Dumpty together again...hehehe!!!

Anonymous said...

And in Fiji's case it is " .. all the King's horses and all the King's men said: Oh no, not scrambled eggs for breakfast again."

Get ready for scrambled egges for the next how many years, Fiji?