April 14, 2009

We Know What You’re Up To Bainimarama

With technology and all it's capabilities, the adage that “you can’t stop the signal” rings true even IF the military has clamped shut free and fair news mediums.

The world now know’s about RBF Chief Narube and his being sent packing illegally. Sources also point to the fact that our reserves will closely follow his forced exit. In fact Sada Reddy his Deputy has only been to quickly step into his shoes and has already announced immediate fiscal policy measures to tighten up foreign exchange controls as well as the suspension of some facilities which has already been announced to commercial banks.

We have also received information about these people who have been taken up/away for questioning:

Fiji Sun:
Pete Lomas and Maika Bolatiki

Fiji TV:
Edwin Nand, a reporter with the national TV service, was taken in at around 5pm local time yesterday by police officers. Authorities apparently got wind of the fact that footage of Sean Dorney’s detention and deportation were transmitted overseas by Fiji Television.

They said the transmission was in breach of farcical emergency regulations.

Senior immigration officer Joe Ravatudei made the forced exit of Sean Dorney, Sia Aston and Matt Smith possible.

Fiji Time’s:
Publisher likely to be expelled today or tomorrow.

Meanwhile at the court-house, former military appointed magistrate Ana Rokomoti has just been appointed Chief Registrar while former military legal head, Col Mohammed Aziz has just been made a High Court Judge. Joy to the World.


Anonymous said...

Hi there, thanks heaps for all your hard work and info. Keep it comming. I am noticing that wikipedia articles on coup prepretators now have suddenly a lot of positive information about them rather than the more unsavoury stuff about them. Cheers

Anonymous said...

Someone give me a gun, I'll do it for Fiji.

Anonymous said...

I am very interested in Fiji but I don't understand the politics very well. Do the current events have an ethnic undercurrent? Who is doing what to whom, and for whose benefit? A simple explanation would be really valuable - or else a link to somewhere on the web that already explains this. Thanks, and hang in there.

v! said...

the "ethnic" issues went out with any semblance of truth... it's all about greed and power now.

Keep The Faith said...

Bula Anon @ 12:38. There is no short way to tell you our sordid story.

Perhaps if you trawl through our archives (from January 2007 -- links are on the right-hand column) you will be able to get a better feel for the mess we are in right now.

Thank you for your support.

Teejay For a Free Fiji said...

Keep the communication going in as many internet venues as possible. Today's news of the tightening of internet access only reinforce the extent to which Dictator Bainimarama and his crones will go to destroy freedom of speech. And to hear him say today that it is freedom of speech that is a cause of the problem in Fiji only serves to confirm that this guy is a seriously ill megalomaniac.
Freedom of speech is fundamental to a democracy. Fiji will prevail;the Dictator will not.

Anonymous said...

How do you take down Idi Amin, saddam Hussein and Adolf Hitler all rolled into one Bainimarama? This guy is out of control and where does it all end? Keep up the good work. At least you give us the freedom to have our say.