April 12, 2009

What Censorship Means

The Fiji Times and Fiji TV are certainly deserving of a standing ovation and gold medals for leading the charge in defending media freedom.

So we were a tad bit concerned when we spotted this news item reporting that Fiji Times Editor, Netani Rika was arrested today. Because of the media black-out all we can do is hope that the international media will now step in and help domestic comrades of the fourth estate and continue to keep the military junta’s feet to the fire with the hard questions and the true news.

In the meantime we urge you to stay strong Netani and all other freedom loving 4th Estaters.

However as we predicted, while the military junta tries to control news content one thing that they can NOT control is the internet medium. Hello blogosphere. We therefore welcome “Coup Four and a Half” to the blogging community.

Coup4.5 has also reported that Justice Gates has apparently fled our shores after the Court of Appeal ruling overturned his farcical and erroneous High Court decision legalizing the coup of 6/12. On that note, Victor Lal’s latest piece on the possible conspiracy to pervert the court of justice against Qarase’s appeal is most revealing.

It is appropriate therefore that we try to assess why there are such intense attempts to censor the media.

To do that we begin by going back to the Rabuka Chronicles or his “No Other Way” steps to dealing with the media.

Our view is that this time around Bainimarama is aware that the mood of the people in this country will not be as acquiescent in comparison to 6/12. So in their true hearts and minds fashion, they will label every piece of news that does not support them as inciteful (big word there Leweni, sure you know what it means?).

But the real intent is to clamp down and ensure that small pockets of opposition do not become public information in case other people in the country decide to support it and hey presto we have a big protest against being robbed of the right to live in a free and democratic society en masse.

Unfortunately by picking up Rabuka’s tips from ’87 and trying to control the media, the media houses defiance today will instead inspire many others to also stand up and oppose the military junta.

Yes they’re still amateurs. That is why they will continue to be out-done, out-gunned, out-flanked, out-maneuvered and out-numbered.

Individuals, groups and the blogosphere are next. Just like before. Be ready, learn from the past and anticipate their next steps.


Mike said...

Just because Iloilo says the constitution has been abrogated, it does not mean it has. Here is a bit of recent history to consider: http://www.michaelfield.org/fiji%20constitution.htm

Anonymous said...

Wikinews has a Fiji section. Journalists who get censored could post their stories anonymously there, making sure Fijians and the world can see.

Nastur said...

Io - intellectually bankrupt. Fullstop.

Anonymous said...

And of course there's always that last bastion of fairness and freedom of expression, with a fingure on the pulse, not in favour of coups, Radio Tarana, even if they do occasionally fail to even cover events that might vaguely be construed as anticoup.
Khan was conned by animal cunning. But....he shouldn't worry. He's in good company even though it isn't such a good look for an over ambitious little wanker struggling to make his fortune.

Anonymous said...


Jordon said...

We need to fight for our freedom because our previous generation died to give use that right.