March 11, 2010

Bainimarama partially lifts ban on sales of cooked food

Now we admit we were quite aghast at the unnecessarily heavy-handed approach taken by the Suva City Council (SCC) in relation to the ban on sales of cooked food at the Suva market.

While we symphathise with the family of the ONE lady who partook of the fateful meal of mana, we certainly hope that the council had 100% scientific proof that the cause of death was indeed that meal. 

The SCC is mandated by law to continuously check on cooked food sales regularly -- and in this instance they were caught red-handed sleeping on the job. 

So in a typically bureaucratic knee-jerk reaction, they take the easy way out and decide to deprive hundreds of rural citizens of their right to a livelihood.

But what makes the news in this update, is that it appears that the illegal and treasonous Bainimarama had a craving for traditional Fijian bread, bila, and it appears he may have had something to do with partially lifting the ban when he discovered that he couldn't get bila at the market last weekend.

Check out Fiji TV's news report for yourself: 

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Anonymous said...

Once an idiot always an idiot!

Please also not that Pacific Island News Agency, Solivakasama blogs, Matavuvale Blogs have been blocked so that we can no longer access them. I pray that you will not be blocked off also! Keep up the good work!