March 12, 2010

Bainimarama's Brother-in-law heads review of Government shipping services

Francis Kean, the brother-in-law of the illegal and treasonous Bainimarama takes the opportunity to grace us with his verdict on the appalling state of play within the Government shipping services.

All we can say to that is "Save It Please".

Not only is it most shallow coming from a convicted and quickly released (and quickly re-employed!) killer, no one really has the time to listen to the irritating military regime cheering squad continuously lamenting the shortcomings of previous Governments.

They wanted to be in charge at any cost --  so get on with it already! 

Citizens do not have to part with hard-earned taxes and put up with all the whinging.
Government Services deteriorates by poor leadership: Kean
Friday, March 12, 2010

Poor leadership and a lack of commitment led to the decline of Fiji's Government Shipping Services said Navy Commander Francis Kean.

Commander Kean was appointed last year to head a committee to review the Government Shipping Services.

The review found that poor leadership was in place, leading to poor work commitment and poor services being provided.

Another weakness was the way other ministries were using the Government Shipping Services.

Commander Kean says the ministries have been using Government Shipping Services anyhow and whenever they want, but they will now have to pay up front if they want to use the service.

Government has expressed its commitment to uplifting the services provided by the Government Shipping Services.


Tim said...

It can if it were to collect the debts owed by junta members who've systematically ripped off it's economy thus far, and apply interest, the rate of inflation and other reasonable evaluative measurements to all the fleecing since December 2006 by junta members.
Instead, having run the economy into the ground, it now tries to buy favour by feigning concern for anyone struggling.
It's a risk, and it's only basis for possible success is the assumption that the Fiji public are just as thick, OR THICKER than them (with the guns) who hold the purse strings.

Better all their assets were just seized including those they've attempted to disguise.

One question for the Fiji public to ask might be: If the RFMF were dissolved, a civil defense force instituted in its place; it's soldiers placed in work correcting crumbling infrastructure, and it's officers
sent to do community work for their treasonous crimes, HOW MUCH BETTER OFF would the taxpayer (AND JOE CITIZEN) be?

Jeez...I think I might even know the answer to that!

Tim said...

And sorry, because I had been broken by a 4095 byte limit, continuity was lost - to the extent that cut and pastes caused the errors in my comment. (For example - a pistol-shooting Bubba should have been a pistol shooting Shameen).
But like I said, I'd be more than happy to meet any of them face-to-face on neutral ground where any of them actually had to front up and prove the courage of their convictions. I'm betting that Gates would run for cover first, followed by that chubby little fukwit that probably hasn't gotten over being weened prematurely from the tit in favour of a bottle with synthetic baby fluid, and lastly a pistol shooting Shameen. And should she so desire, I could match that pathetic mole up with something of equal stature and gender that would very quickly knock her stupid block off (and she'd be someone that was probably nearly 20 years her senior!.