March 04, 2010

Fiji Citizens Pressure the Military Regime to Back Off on Daylight Savings

Congratulations and Salutations to you the People of Fiji, for successfully pushing back on the military regime and their flawed policy on daylight savings.

Together you have now  shown the military regime the intensity of your combined "non-violent" strength when you put your minds to it.

Even Bainimarama's spokes Neumi Leweni and his cocky stance maintaining that the date would not move, is clearly being shown up as someone who merely carries out orders and has NO INFLUENCE whatsoever on the inner circle of the treasonous military regime.

This is but the tip of the iceberg. 

Only together can we successfully focus our concerted energies on removing the military regime from power, focusing first and foremost on where they are most vulnerable.


bringbhainisreigntoaquickend said...

I have never blogged before, but after some reflection have decided I cannot overcome my strong need to share my feelings among those who I believe to be like-minded on the need for Fiji's immediate return to democracy.

I got back from a visit last week. It was my first visit in almost four years and I can only say that I have been left numb by the experience. I have seen (and heard) for myself more than enough to understand very fully that the Bainimarama experiment has taken our country from the frying pan into the fire. It is nothing short of a complete disaster.

The one thing that's clear to me is that for the good of everyone the Frank Bainimarama dictatorship must be brought to an end as soon as is humanly possible. Otherwise, the damage to the economy and the society will be even more horrendous. I honestly believe that no matter what or who succeeds Bainimarama, it could take generations to repair, not years.

I also believe that the bringing down of the Bainimarama dictatorship must be accomplished legally and without violence. So if anyone who shares this belief is reading this, I would like to hear their thoughts on how one goes about this.

For my own part, I have a few rough ideas which I intend to develop more fully then share with other bloggers.

Keep The Faith said...

Welcome to the Cause "bringbhainisreigntoaquickend".

Email us at for a e-talanoa session.

Jambalaya said...

For those you think democracy is all ending solution to the Worlds's problems should a least consider the present fact in US Senate where a single Senator can hold up pending legislations like Universal health Care, because it upsets their principal morals like:

(i.e abortion clauses forbidding Federal funds used for the medical practice of abortion)-putting the whole democratic process in gridlock.

Which gives much credence to the Gordian Knot analogy and its Nuclear option solution?

discombobulated said...

Jambalaya - most Gordian knots come about as a result of toxic relationships - just like this illegal regime represents.

And they have knotted and chocked the spirit of the Fijian People by what they have done. The effects and the lessons that will be learnt by untying these knots will last beyond our lifetime. Unravelling the knots will take time and maybe some violence - who knows.

That the regime did not allow the knots to unravel in their own time will be their own un-doing as there are many ego's involved.

If you have been watching these spaces closely, you will see that its not so much that we are seeking democracy for democracy's sake - we object strongly (as you would I'm sure in your own country) to the manner in which this treasonous junta went about tying up their own internal toxic knots with the rest of this country in the name of cleaning up - yeah right - now we know what they are cleaning up - the country's finances to fund soldier's loyalty !

Who gave them the right to take over our lives by force, hold a gun to our heads and attempt to force a a new order for us overnight because they think it's good for us?

History has proven you can't engineer a new social order by force - this simple fact will be their own nuclear implosion engineered all by themselves.