March 05, 2010

Hi Ho, Hi Ho - It's Off to Sri Lanka (for Judge-Shopping) that Gates' Goes

The favourite local ploy of judge-shopping that a particular political party used to favour (and funnily enough they used to target Gates specifically) has just gone global.

This favoured practice of the Chief Injustice Tony Gates is a total disgrace to the Commonwealth group of countries and it's public stand on Fiji.

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Anonymous said...

The world is watching, no one is fooled except the junta who is fooling itself.
So far they've adopted the Robert Mugabe train of thinking which is that "Shit I've fucked up real bad, and the only option is to keep the chirade going as long as possible". Even Robert now realises though the old adage: "The harder they rise the harder they fall", and its only fear that prevents them from facing the inevitable music.
Notice how one of the semi-intelligent have pulled their heads in ever so slightly. I wonder whether the Shaista has had a dose of reality check. If she has, she'll know that by doing so she's bought herself a position of some compassion being shown.
But Bubba's ego prevents him seeing similar, Gates' arrogance and born-to-rule, holier-than-thou attitude ditto, and the rest are just basically as thick as two short planks.
I'll put money on the act that if justice doen;t catch them - kama will, and the longer it all goes on - the WORSE it gets.
I used to think I wouldn't want to be in Gates' shoes - EVEN IF his retirement plans were the UK, future-Fiji, Sri Lanka or Bagladesh. Same shit really for Paul Madigan, Chris Pryde, Bubba, Nazi, Shaista ... They all overspent their superannuation (and I don't just mean monetary income), and they're all busy digging their holes deeper.
Show me an asshole anywhere that's done what they've all done, and come to not regret it OR pay the piper in some way. Even old Idi!
Paul Madigan is quite obviously a short term thinker without an excuse. I mean!: at least Frank and Bubba have the excuse that they can't see past their own egos - not that it will save them OR their offspring - there are nutters around that crave revenge (just LIKE Frank himself), and do so till death do them depart.
Their stupidity is just astounding! Even more stupid is that each and every one of them will expect sympathy when they're in some way necked.