March 26, 2010

Manasa Lasaro questions reduced drinking age

At least we now know the conversation that the illegal and treasonous Bainimarama had with the Methodist Church leaders was not one-way.

Rev Manasa Lasaro managed to ask a very pertinent question to the military delegation headed by Bainimarama which was: why did they reduce the legal drinking age to 18 years.

Bainimarama's faithful side-kick Neumi Leweni attempts to answer the question after the meeting but still manages to look pitifully half-asleep & grog-doped & inept while at it.

Seeing as the visiting delegation comprised mostly military personnel, it is clear that the issues they have with the Methodist Church is not government related but one that stems solely from QEB and their shady Military Council.

Once again it becomes clear to all and sundry that the regime have no qualms about controlling the country illegally via Government AND with the threat of back-up firepower.

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discombobulated said...

Good grief he look more and more like Mr Bean everyday ... at least the real Mr Bean, as silent and mono-syllabic as he is, always comes across as far more intelligent ..