January 27, 2011

Big Brother is Watching....the kids

As if depriving squatters of the right to housing, backed up only by fabricated allegations (and abuse) re: drug dealing wasn't enough, the illegal and treasonous regime now turn their attention to minors at internet shops.

Parents watch your kids. There's no telling what the illegally long-unrestrained and abusive arm of the law will do.

How about getting out there and incarcerating some real criminals IP Sokoimuri?
Lawmen monitor internet shops
Monika Singh
Thursday, January 27, 2011

POLICE will keep a close watch on Internet shops in the country to ensure students do not skip school and loiter around them.

Assistant police spokesman Inspector Atunaisa Sokomuri said during the school holidays last year police attended to some cases whereby students were found outside Internet shops late at night.

"We want students to know that police officers will be monitoring these Internet shops and we want to warn students that they should be in school during school hours and not at these Internet shops," he said.

IP Sokomuri said community police officers would be on patrol near such outlets which attracted students to ensure their safety.

He said police had seen some students outside the Internet shops in Suva this week. He advised students to be in school during school hours.

"This is only the third day of school and we are monitoring these places and we hope that students will pay attention to our advice and concentrate on school work."

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Hmmm - very very creepy.