January 20, 2011

Breaking: Villagers accused of planting marijuana in Labasa abused

Intelligentsiya has been reliably informed that a man suffering from liver damage lies on life support at the ICU of Labasa hospital. The man, a Labasa villager apparently has a history of mental illness but was part of a group of villagers rounded up very recently by a joint operation by military and police officers who are overzealously attempting to stamp out marijuana growing -- as part of the "crime free" dogma of Bainimarama and Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum's illegal and treasonous military regime.

The incident happened at a village near the Tunuloa area of Vanua Levu.

Reports are also surfacing that names of male villagers from this area are on a "list" as being suspected marijuana planters, and that these individuals were targetted in this joint military/police operation. Intelligentsiya is informed that the villagers were rounded up, abused and humiliated in front of women and children.

The reports go on to say that some of the acts that the male villagers were subjected to include being forced to kiss each other; run around naked while some were tied to tree's before being phyiscally abused.

The village is currently living in terror.

It is understood that police spokesman Atunaisa Sokoimuri is well aware of the incident.

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Anonymous said...

So the Police have now become Judge and Jury. The villagers should go to their Chief and tell them, enough is enough . They have every right to proper proceedings. What the Police are doing is Illegal. In fact the villagers should take them to court. How long will you Fijians put up with this sort of riubbish?