January 21, 2011

Regime glosses over the news about abuse of villagers in the North

Predictably right on cue, the illegal and treasonous military regime's propaganda arm released yesterday afternoon the following statement in relation to their "war on drugs" and villagers.

While the issue of drugs, particularly marijuana, are deplorable and a blight on the nation the way the propaganda statement is structured makes it seem as if our drug problems are the most pressing issue of our time.
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(Thursday, January 20th, 2011, No:0139 /POLICE) CABINET VISITS DRUG UNIT

The vision of the Fiji Police in making the war against drugs an issue that must be tackled aggressively at national level is close to being formalised after the historic visit by Cabinet to the Drugs Unit in Toorak this morning.

After visits from the former Minister of Defence, Ratu Epeli Ganilau last November, followed by the Prime Minister Commodore Josaia Voreqe Bainimarama in December, this mornings’ visit proved the icing on the cake for what the Fiji Police has termed a very hard battle to fight.

The invite by the Commissioner of Police Brig-Gen Ioane Naivalurua is based on the projection that the drugs problem in Fiji will become a great security and social issue in future if nothing is done today to combat it at national level.

“We cannot do this alone, for every 1,000 marijuanna plants we uproot another 1,000 is planted somewhere, for every package we intercept at our borders, two others are snuck through,” Mr Naivalurua briefed Cabinet.

“We have brought you here today to make you see and understand first hand the situation in the country now and where we are lacking in the fight against it and the direction where we would ideally like to head in.”

Issues of finding alternative livelihoods for drug cultivators and strengthening borders in response to the influx of hard drugs into the country were some of the issues  highlighted to the Cabinet members by Mr Naivalurua and Officer in Charge of the Drugs Unit, Assistant Superintendent of Police Sakeo Ganivatu.

Another issue highlighted was the sharing of resources by government ministries in future once a national plan of action was drafted based on resources available and the situation on the ground.

The Fiji Police is now tasked to;

- determine what percentage of their total budget is required to address this issue,
- gather more concrete intelligence and data on users and suppliers and submit to

Cabinet will determine how much from the national budget can be set aside for the war on drugs.

The MINFO News Team Wishes you a Successful, Blessed and Happy 2011!!
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1 comment:

Tadu said...


"Historic visit" .... may I make the comment that this so called hishtoric vishit to the drugged out cabinet is made every evening at the QVS club by very hishtoric figures - some even prehistoric - who merrily partake of their chosen drug nightly; - so pfft , nothing new there.

According to the Min of Info scribe's, the great Brigade-dear Kommandeur(with the policeman's identity crisis) has prophesied a great battle to be fought with certain plants.

Indeed . Behind Mrs Polish-Comm' bush ..... no matter how hard she fights to stay behind her potted leaves (and unfortunately for our nation), 1000 more will pop up at the Waffen-SS police stations throughout Fiji's borders - none of these to be uprooted because they are all being snuck through the back door of nepotism.

And of course, will bring Herr Generalstab Brig-Com Naivalurua many riches - in fact enough taxpayers money to retire on fruit juice blends for the rest of their idiotic lives.

Intelligentsia is absolutely correct ..... this press release is merely WHITEWASH - designed to take the de-ni-puaka off the military/police brutality that have been committed against the people of Tunuloa .

What Mr and Mrs Naivalurua, and the rest of the bullies cannot know in their arrogance is that the da may disappear but the boi remains.

Attached forever.