July 11, 2011

Regime seeks public input on 2012 budget

The illegal and treasonous military regime laud themselves once again, in their attempts to be transparent and consultative by giving taxpayers the chance to have their say on the budget for next year.

This inaugural initiative has no doubt given them a high because it is the first time that ANY "guvment" would naively display their inadequacy in dealing with a failed economy, on such a public platform as such. 

Don't be fooled folks. It's more of the same old, same old rationalization to use you and the numbers to validate their execution of the 1997 Constitution via the farcical Charter. 

If the MO looks familiar, it's because it reeks of the failed "call bainimarama" exercise.

If there is one submission groups can call for it should be a group petition calling for the illegal and treasonous military regime to step down and call for elections ASAP.

Government has invited the public, for the first time, to hand in their 2012 Budget submissions for consideration.

This has been done as the 2012 Budget focuses on the formulation of policies that will contribute towards raising investments and growth while ensuring fiscal sustainability.

Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Finance Filimone Waqabaca, in a public notice, said that government has commenced preparations for the formulation of the 2012 Budget.

He said that in the spirit of continuing with broad-based consultations, the Ministry of Finance invites industry representatives, employer organizations, private sector associations, and civil societies written submissions for consideration in the 2012 Budget.

“Through this consultative platform, the Ministry of Finance seeks to ensure that views of a wider cross section of the community are taken into consideration in the formulation of the 2012 National Budget,” Mr Waqabaca said.

“A key area of focus for the 2012 Budget is the formulation of policies that will contribute towards raising investments and growth while ensuring fiscal; sustainability.

“In this respect, the stakeholders are invited to provide suggestions on feasible policy options that can be pursued by government to achieve these objectives and contribute towards raising the overall living standards of all people of Fiji.”

Mr Waqabaca said written submissions must be linked to the strategic focus of the Roadmap for Democracy and Sustainable Socio-Economic Development 2009-2014, particularly under the three categories of:

(i) strengthening good and just governance;
(ii) raising economic growth; and
(iii) Improving socio-cultural development.

The deadline for submission is July 29.

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