April 30, 2009

Backlash Bainimarama Style

If “The Australianand other analysts are wondering how Bainimarama is going to react to getting kicked out from the PIF, as we contend was always his original intention (pre-constitution abrogation that is), we take a look at our crystal ball and attempt to break it down for you.

Now that the illegal Bainimarama et al have rid themselves of an unnecessary yoke around their necks in terms of answering to a higher power, it leaves them with a heckuva lot of room to move. Freely. They wish.

We will know for sure if something big goes down when senior military officers especially are seen speeding at break-neck speed up to the military barracks to get their orders on the weekend. It is most probable that activities will be carried out in the dead of night as is their favourite MO. So folks keep your eyes peeled for lots of vehicular, groups of uniformed sorts around that vicinity at that time.

This is subject of course to whether the military brass are feeling up to digging their heels in as they’re reportedly doing.

Where Pita Driti the upstart Land Force Commander is concerned, let’s face it, he’s no hero (even tho’ his strut makes him think he is). The fullah has no gumption -- never did and never will. Therefore he will never do anything to upset the apple-cart especially as he’s now been bought off with a shiny new ensemble matching the bling on a uniformed neck and permanent (undisciplined) tough-guy stubble. Driti is also thoroughly enjoying his newfound lifestyle (well certainly his wife seems to be enjoying living it up no end, as observed at a recent birthday bash in the West).

As an aside indication of the calibre of the incompetence of advice surrounding Bainimarama, there are still absent wigged one’s from the high court bench, despite the bold and reckless assurances from the illegal and favoured Acting PM, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, that it would be a walk in the park.

The same bold, reckless (McCully say's "optimism") ineptitude he displayed only yesterday, stating how unlikely it would be for Fiji to be shown the door by the PIF.

Aiyaz, lest we forget, has erred (at least publicly) before. Most notably, wrongly advising the illegal President on the appointment of Adi Koila Nailatikau to the Constitutional Boundaries Commission, thereby forcing a rapid and apologetic retreat upon the realisation of the booboo.

Anyhow, Bainimarama will retaliate and he will do it to publicly to stick it to those who have betrayed/offended him. It would be simply absurd to expect a donkey to transform into a horse overnight, likewise a thug into a gentleman. All top guns at CROP agencies based in Suva are best advised to be on the alert and ready. Raise your organisational security assessments expeditiously.

Ditto for the embassies. Even the Pacific one’s. You have all insulted him and he’s going to take it personally.

Hopefully the local media (barring his mouthpiece mediums of FBCL and Fiji Sun) will maintain their blackout and not allow him to enjoy his day in the sun glorifying his might to the people of Fiji. That means blogger’s and journo’s need to get their technology at the ready to capture it all and spin it out to the external world.

In terms of all the valuable space that will be available should cross-regional movements be mandatory, we already have new residents lining up to take advantage of the bangin’ bargains and access to free citizenship to boot.

We’ve alluded to regional higher education and the moves his group have made on that aspect.

When Bainimarama’s diva-like furor dies down, it will initiate a swift series of hard squeezes from the international community.

Not even American Samoa’s (most revealing also) attempt to take on Tuilaepa and defend Bainimarama and his illegal band of merry men, will save ‘em.

Bainimarama may think he will have played everyone, but the world is 10 steps ahead and it will in fact be him who will be royally F’d (flushed), much to the gratification of the people of this country.

Right on cue, NZ's Foreign Minister makes this quite plain to see.

Check Bainimarama.


Keep The Faith said...

With 10 hours or so to go, Bainimarama now "wants to talk"


I think you've used up all your "truth cards" matey.

Right now Oz & Nz are shaking their heads saying "strewth"!

You had ample time and now want to negotiate. Smooooooooth. NOT.

Tim said...

and you'd know right?

Tim said...

Time's up!. Oh dear, the bleeding obvious just happened though it didn't occur to Bubba beforehand. Nevermind, media is controlled, and expect a new line of spin from the junta - along the lines that "you js dun unna Stan" and you're all being very mean to us.
There'll be a couple of insignificant academic appeasers that'll back you up Frank - go for it! Strike while the iron's hot.

Tim said...

I desperately need to make a further comment - only on account of the next verification symbol being "thicked".
Frank - I'm afraid ya js have been by that wonderful specimen of intellect and good advice - Bubba I-Arse-Khaiyuum. I know - I js dun unna Stan

Anonymous said...

Five years to elections in Fiji. Legislation is now being prepared to become statutes that will make illegal such things as positive discrimination and racism. The nepotism via the old chiefly fuedal system that corrupted Fiji from every level for decades will be gone once and for all.No more will we see inequities in terms of economic standing based on tribal position. No longer will we see a handful of top Indo businessmen raping the economy of Fiji, taking the capital off shore and avoiding taxes and audits by bribery, No longer will we see entry to the civil service via a connected Uncle rather than the passing of the School Certifacte exam.No longer will we see the Council of Chiefs expect to be provided with stipends and $150,000 New SUV's by the Gvt. Frank has taken these toys off them and told them that if they want to eat bread get off their big fat lazy asses and grow the wheat. Commodore Bainimarama is transforming Fiji from A Haitii, Papa Doc Country into a modern fresh Country.
A Country where a young Fijian woman can pursue a career, maryy whom she wants, rewgardless of race, and reasonably expect to own her own home one day. Not have to tithe her income away to some grog drinking Ratu. Commodore Bainimarama has flushed out the mutinous handful of George Speights supporters ,Like Droka droka from the RFMF. The Press have been embargoeed from inciting hatred and misreporting which in past years has led to civil unrest and riots. My info on numbers suggest that the PIF will not expel Fiji. Hilary Clinton has publicly stated that she is NOW listening to another side of the Fiji story. Blogs in NZ have been promoting this message . The most widely read daily blog in NZ wwww.whaleoil.co.nz supports Frank Bainimarama and lobbies the NZ Gvt to do the same.
Bula Vinaka
God Bless Fiji
Stan Blanch