February 22, 2010

The Daylight Savings Fiasco Continues

The Ministry of Education today confirms that even though school starting hours are pushed back by an hour, students in Fiji will break off as usual at 3pm.

This may be good for the easing of after-work traffic congestion but it will not do students any pedagogic favours. It means that students are losing out on 5 hours/week of valuable learning time. 

Is it any wonder therefore that we have high drop-out rates (which by the way even the Ministry of Education has cluelessly conceded as "extremely high" and "requiring arresting")?   

The Fiji Council of Social Services (FCOSS) upholds their position that the new school hours don't change a thing and that the daylight savings Must Go -- a view shared by Intelligentsiya.

Some parents are also in agreement with FCOSS that the new starting times don't change a thing and they are up in arms that the buses servicing their routes have not been as flexible in altering their schedules.

Bus companies in the northern division will decide this week whether to amend their bus schedules or not. 

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