August 16, 2012

FWCC against submission comments

17:05 Today (16 August 2012)
Report by: Roland Koroi

The Fiji Women’s Crisis Centre believes that people should not comment on submissions that are being made to the constitution commission.

A statement from the FWCC says everyone has a right to put his or her views forward and continuous commentary on submissions can deter others from expressing themselves freely.

Centre Coordinator Shamima Ali says while some believe that there are problematic areas regarding an open and free consultation process, they recognize that many are coming forward to make submissions.

Ali says for people who want to utilize this process, they should view it as an opportunity to map out a future for Fiji with the making of a new Constitution and it is imperative that mistakes of the past are not repeated.

She adds, contributions to the process must respect the rule of law, human rights and democracy.

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