August 01, 2012

Security beef-up

Mary Rauto
Wednesday, August 01, 2012

DESPITE the tight security at former prime minister Laisenia Qarase's judgment yesterday, police attributed their increase in numbers to training.

By 10am yesterday, police presence at the court buildings had increased.

Police director operations Senior Superintendent Rusiate Tudravu said they were in the process of changing units that would look after the remand cell in Suva.

Today, the High Court will hear mitigation and sentencing submissions in Qarase's case.

SSP Tudravu said they were counting on the support of the public.

"The public is educated enough not to do anything silly," he said. "If anything develops on the ground or should there be a need to deploy more officers, we will do that."

SSP Tudravu said a new unit called the Prisoners Management Unit made up of 30 officers was set up.

"There are changes in units looking after the remand prisoners," he said.

"They are attending training.

"The newly formed unit will relieve RAU (Ready Action Unit), which will go back and do their core role."

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