August 16, 2012

‘Think of your children’

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The Fiji Corrections Service (FCS) has called on critics to stop making comments against the constitutional submission process.

The five-member Constitution Commission started travelling to parts of the country last Friday to hear submissions from members of the  public.

Commissioner of Corrections Lieutenant-Colonel Ifereimi Vasu stressed to his senior officers the importance of participating in the formulation of Fiji’s new Constitution when the Commission visits the service next week.

“I urge all of you to come up with your ideas and what you think should be included in our new Constitution.

“It is an opportunity for us to make Fiji a better place so I urge you all to make use of it,” Lieutenant-Colonel Vasu said.

He said it was not good to criticise the new Constitution if people did not submit their views.  “We must remember that this is not for us, this is for our children – for the future of our country,” Lieutenant-Colonel Vasu said.

He said it was important that members of the service unite in the submissions. The service is among public institutions that have been permitted to make official submissions.

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