August 20, 2012

Some pay increment requests unreasonable - Hazelman

Publish date/time: 20/08/2012 [08:02]

Some of the pay increments requested by the Fiji Wages Council for the 10 sectors were unreasonable. 

Fiji Commerce and Employers Federation CEO, Nezbitt Hazelman said some employers had opposed the wage regulation as in some cases the wages council was requesting a 15 percent increase.

Hazelman made the comments after Father Kevin Barr resigned as the Chairperson of the Fiji Wages Council in protest after Government deferred the Wages Regulation Order to October.

Father Barr claimed that the Government allowed employers to dominate without taking into consideration the plight of the workers.

However, Hazelman said proper negotiations need to be followed.

Father Barr had earlier said that the wages for 10 sectors would increase by at least 9% from last Wednesday.

However, Labour Minister Jone Usumate said the Wages Regulation Order had not been gazetted and the final Wages Regulation Order may be completed by October.

Labour Minister Jone Usumate had said under the requirements of the Employment Promulgation Order, when the Wages Council makes a draft Wages Regulation Order, the public are invited to make comments that need to be taken into consideration by the council.

Story by: Sofaia Koroitanoa 

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