August 17, 2012

Low Indo-Fijian turn-out: Ghai

07:14 Wed Aug 15, 2012

Indo-Fijians are being urged by the Constitution Commission to come out in numbers to make submissions for the new constitution.

Commission chair- Professor Yash Ghai has raised concern on the lack of submission filed so far by the Indo-Fijian community.

Ghai believes that many haven’t come forward for fear of repercussions.

“People say they are afraid. There are too many decrees which inhibit speech and they are afraid that they might be saying things that they might be prosecuted for. But the decree actually says that any statements made to us whether in writing or orally is protected against any legal, criminal or civil proceedings.”

He stresses the need for all Fijians of every ethnic background to come forward and help shape the constitution.

The Commission will sit at the Nadera Catholic hall on Thursday.

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