August 17, 2012

Stop being “silent” : PM

13:05 Today (17 August 2012)
Report by: Indra Singh

Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama is calling on those who he calls the “silent elites” to start working towards shaping the nation.

Bainimarama made the comments at the opening of the 2012 CPA Australia-Fiji Branch Congress in Nadi this morning.

The Prime Minister did not mince his words as he says in the past accountants, business people and professionals have shied away from such nation building processes.

He says all should be part of the ongoing electronic voter registration and constitution consultations.

Bainimarama says too often in the past, some of the above have put forward their agendas through the mouths of others, and have not come forward themselves.

He adds that some accountants, lawyers, engineers and other professionals actually are the movers and shakers in the country, but only behind the scenes.

Bainimarama says each and every Fijian has something of value to contribute to the commission, through her or his unique experience and individual knowledge and reiterates they must no longer remain silent.

He further adds there is a need to break away from pattern of the past , when professionals were content to attend forums, and leave the reform processes to others—to the political parties and the other groups that have traditionally held power in Fiji- what he calls the “vocal elites.”

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