August 01, 2012

Madraiwiwi, the first character witness

Publish date/time: 01/08/2012 [11:13]

Former Vice President and Roko Tui Bau Ratu Joni Madraiwiwiwi is the first character witness in the mitigation for former Prime Minister, Laisenia Qarase today after he was convicted of six counts of abuse of office and three counts of discharge of duty with respect to property in which he has a private interest.

The other character witnesses are Former Methodist Church President Reverend Josateki Koroi and United Peoples Party leader Mick Beddoes.

Qarase's lawyer, Tupou Draunidalo is also expected to present her submission on the sentencing.

Stay with us for coverage on Qarase's mitigation and sentencing.

Story by: Vijay Narayan

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